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Which betting tips site is the best?

Each person is different and finding a suitable strategy to bet online can take time, with a high risk of losses along the way. That is why betting tips sites have propagated in recent years, with various methods, systems, and approaches to win. How can you know which one is effective and which one is a waste of time? Is it worth checking out the free sites or is it necessary to pay for tips? Learn more about these online services now.

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Sports betting is a very wide industry. On the one hand, they can be an excellent hobby as a daily activity in search of fun or a way to increase the level of emotion when watching a game or following a competition. But they can also become a way of life, especially for those who wish to use significant amounts of money to multiply their earnings. And maybe one day have the possibility of devoting full time (or at least part-time!) to sports betting for a living.

With the rise of the Internet and opportunities to feed on information at all times, there probably hasn't been a better time in history to try to be a successful gambler. At the end of the day, choosing a sports bet equals making an adequate forecast. For this, you have to take into account current circumstances and the recent history of the opponents through various factors. Data is essential to make good decisions and that is where betting tips sites can make a difference.

There are currently hundreds of free and paid sites for betting tips. Among the most popular are the following:

Best bookmakers who don't limit players

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Although all the bookmakers assure you that you are the most valuable user in the world and offer you excellent benefits to have a long business relationship, everything can quickly come down under certain circumstances. Constant wins or arbitrage betting maybe some of the reasons why a bookie limits accounts, so it is important to identify which operators are calmly taking the positive streaks of the players to have better prospects for long-term wins.

The Internet is full of complaints and claims from users who have started earning regularly just to see how a bookmaker has immediately limited their account. While almost all operators say not to limit accounts, the reality is different. Few bookies respect the punters' constant victories without taking restrictive actions.

It is said that virtually every successful bettor will have to face the reality that his account has been limited in terms of the maximum amount to bet (it can even be zero on many occasions!). Far from a misunderstanding, it is an action that the bookies deliberately perform to control their losses and pressure players who have found effective strategies to win.

Which bookmakers don't limit accounts?

There are many bookmakers that limit the activities of a user and among the most popular operators in the world, it is difficult to find exceptions. Many of the bookies that do not apply absolutely any restrictions to the accounts are located in Asia, so you should pay close attention to the options you have in your market.

Some of the bookies known for not limiting accounts to their users are the following:

Betting Strategies-Which Is The Best Sports Betting Strategy?

Betting is a high stakes game that requires both intellect as well as a stroke of luck. But in essence it all comes down to strategy just like In any sport or high risk venture individuals pick out a variety of ways to tackle the challenge or objective they have in front of them and betting is not spared. Let’s take a look at some of the most used strategies, what they have to offer ,misconceptions assigned to each of them ,challenges affecting them and whether or not they do yield returns.

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Multi-bets with high odds

This particular strategy is very popular especially among amateur or betting beginners. This is because it is simple to do, lacking the need for much prior preparation and is documented to numerously yield high returns .This mainly occurs when the betting beginners pick out a few games with the best and highest odds as well as the probability of turning out as per their expectations. The selection of few bets is however a challenge because it increases the probability of the bet falling through. Now I’m sure you are wondering where the high returns stem from. Well, due to the nature of accumulator bets better known as multi bets is that the odds of an event are multiplied against the odds of another event thereby increases the odds significantly.

Back betting

For a very long time betting have been restricted to the bookmaker where the individual takes a position against the bookmaker but in this particular case it refers to betting on a specific result such as if you stake $50 on LA Galaxy and the odds for the team are at 2.50 then if the team wins you get $125 but if any other result occurs other than the one you had staked for then you lose your money. This implies that instead of staking against the bookmaker you are staking against the service provider or the betting site.

Double Chance betting

This involves staking for two outcomes. Let’s take an example of a game between Sheffield United and Liverpool FC. If you stake a lay bet for Liverpool it would likely be for a draw or a win in the game. Now if Sheffield wins then you lose the bet but if you the game ends in a draw or a win for Liverpool then you get back returns. The challenge with this strategy is that it has very low odds as compared to other commonly used bets. It is highly favorable for situations or games where there can only be three results; Win, Loss and Draw.


Sites use registration bonuses as a way to attract new customers. As much as you should focus on getting as many rewards as you can, your focus should also be on the services offered by the company. You should also consider the terms and conditions attached to the rewards and whether they are worth the hassle. That said, here are some of the top betting sites and their rewards.

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You get 100% to a cap of fifty pounds as your bonus upon your first deposit. The site is home to tons of sports leagues, and you can take part in e-sports betting. What’s more, there are tons of promotions throughout the year, and you can thus land another reward.


This site offers you as much as fifty pounds as a welcome bonus. What’s more, the customer support is helpful, and you can make payments through Paypal.

Sports Books with the Quickest Payouts

Whenever the subject of sport or race books is raised thoughts of gambling and wagering are never far behind. This is because sport books refer to companies and or betting sites that offer a platform for sports betting. In the United States for example they prefer the abbreviation book and the gamblers can wager on anything from soccer, baseball, horse racing, basketball, hockey, boxing and golf. Over time these companies have grown tremendously in popularity among sports fans and gamblers alike. With most of these sports books focusing on the same sporting activities what factors really set them apart? How do these books ensure they capture the largest market share of gamblers?

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The Sport book with the Quickest Payouts