Best bookmakers who don't limit players – Forget about limited betting accounts

Although all the bookmakers assure you that you are the most valuable user in the world and offer you excellent benefits to have a long business relationship, everything can quickly come down under certain circumstances. Constant wins or arbitrage betting maybe some of the reasons why a bookie limits accounts, so it is important to identify which operators are calmly taking the positive streaks of the players to have better prospects for long-term wins.

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The Internet is full of complaints and claims from users who have started earning regularly just to see how a bookmaker has immediately limited their account. While almost all operators say not to limit accounts, the reality is different. Few bookies respect the punters' constant victories without taking restrictive actions.

It is said that virtually every successful bettor will have to face the reality that his account has been limited in terms of the maximum amount to bet (it can even be zero on many occasions!). Far from a misunderstanding, it is an action that the bookies deliberately perform to control their losses and pressure players who have found effective strategies to win.

Which bookmakers don't limit accounts?

There are many bookmakers that limit the activities of a user and among the most popular operators in the world, it is difficult to find exceptions. Many of the bookies that do not apply absolutely any restrictions to the accounts are located in Asia, so you should pay close attention to the options you have in your market.

Some of the bookies known for not limiting accounts to their users are the following:

  1. Betfair
  2. SBOBET sbobet-logo
  3. Betsafe bettson-logo
  4. Bovada
  5. BetOnline
  6. BetCoin
  7. InterTops
  8. 5Dimes
  9. Pinnacle

Operators that do not limit accounts have as a premise the principle that the more game volume, the greater their long-term gains will be. Even when a player is stuck or has found an effective system, it will be difficult to sustain that rate of gains. Over time, everything will adjust naturally. Also, the oddsmakers can use the most winning punters as indicators to adjust the odds, so that the profits generated by the losses of other players will exceed what they should pay for the victories of a few users. That, along with the reputation of not limiting anyone, makes the decision worthwhile.

Why do bookmakers limit accounts?

Limiting accounts is a relatively new practice on the part of bookies, because in the last 20 years or so there were no restrictions on the activities of an account or the maximum bet amounts of a user. Today, it is a standard practice of bookies regardless of their degree of popularity and is a mathematical matter, since no company wants to pay more than it enters. Under the "suspicion" banner, operators limit an account as a precaution when they detect activities related to winning strategies or regular use of site odds or bonuses.

Types of restrictions that bookmakers use

If you get constant victories for a month or get large profits regularly, chances are that the bookmaker limits your account in some way. You will quickly see that the maximum amount to bet is very low, that you have problems making deposits or your account will simply be suspended for a while. In fact, the world's largest bookmakers have specialized software to detect "dangerous movements" for their interests, so sometimes you might see your account limited even if your earnings are not so great.

What to do if your account is limited?

Once your account has been limited, there is little to do. You can contact the support department to review your case, but probably the only thing is to wait to see if the restriction is lifted at any time, work with the limits you have or look for a new bookie. What you can do is try to avoid reaching this situation. In order not to raise suspicions, it is better to win some bets and lose others, bet round amounts (20, 25, 50, 100), use different strategies and even place combined bets to maintain a profile of "recreational gambler" that does not represent any danger to the operators. If you just want to leave your account and take your money from it check that article.