Betting Strategies-Which Is The Best Sports Betting Strategy?

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Betting Strategies-Which Is The Best Sports Betting Strategy?

Betting is a high stakes game that requires both intellect as well as a stroke of luck. But in essence it all comes down to strategy just like In any sport or high risk venture individuals pick out a variety of ways to tackle the challenge or objective they have in front of them and betting is not spared. Let’s take a look at some of the most used strategies, what they have to offer ,misconceptions assigned to each of them ,challenges affecting them and whether or not they do yield returns.

Multi-bets with high odds

This particular strategy is very popular especially among amateur or betting beginners. This is because it is simple to do, lacking the need for much prior preparation and is documented to numerously yield high returns .This mainly occurs when the betting beginners pick out a few games with the best and highest odds as well as the probability of turning out as per their expectations. The selection of few bets is however a challenge because it increases the probability of the bet falling through. Now I’m sure you are wondering where the high returns stem from. Well, due to the nature of accumulator bets better known as multi bets is that the odds of an event are multiplied against the odds of another event thereby increases the odds significantly.

Back betting

For a very long time betting have been restricted to the bookmaker where the individual takes a position against the bookmaker but in this particular case it refers to betting on a specific result such as if you stake $50 on LA Galaxy and the odds for the team are at 2.50 then if the team wins you get $125 but if any other result occurs other than the one you had staked for then you lose your money. This implies that instead of staking against the bookmaker you are staking against the service provider or the betting site.

Double Chance betting

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This involves staking for two outcomes. Let’s take an example of a game between Sheffield United and Liverpool FC. If you stake a lay bet for Liverpool it would likely be for a draw or a win in the game. Now if Sheffield wins then you lose the bet but if you the game ends in a draw or a win for Liverpool then you get back returns. The challenge with this strategy is that it has very low odds as compared to other commonly used bets. It is highly favorable for situations or games where there can only be three results; Win, Loss and Draw.

Half Time /Full Time Betting

This refers to a bet that you bet on the two outcomes in a game; Half time score and the Fulltime score. You only win f both bets turn out s staked but a mistake in either outcome results in a loss. Thy come in a wide array since one can stake whether the home or away tea will be ahead at the half time break and who will come out on top when the game concludes. This is particularly preferred by those who watch and comprehend the game, tables, teams involved and the possible outcome as well as prior outcomes. But there have been some bookmakers and service providers that allow this in basketball for all quarters of the game.

Handicap betting

This is a strategy for expert or advanced or expert level better. This is due to the sheer complexity of the bet. The bookmaker or the betting site sets a prior result for the game that is beneficial to the less likely team to win. The better stakes for a certain results and then this actual real time result is added to the prior result and if it coincides then it is a win.

Over And Under Bets

This strategy is reserved form medium level better who stake on the absolute number of goals in the game whether at the half time mark or the full time mark and they range on the probability of goals scored. The bets range from 0.5 to 5.5 goals in most games with an interval of 1.0. Over 0.5 implies over one goal and Under 0.5 means that the match will have no goals. And if there are no goals you can get bonuses.