Sports Books with the Quickest Payouts


How do the books ensure they capture the largest market share of gamblers?

Whenever the subject of sport or race books is raised thoughts of gambling and wagering are never far behind. This is because sport books refer to companies and or betting sites that offer a platform for sports betting. In the United States for example they prefer the abbreviation book and the gamblers can wager on anything from soccer, baseball, horse racing, basketball, hockey, boxing and golf. Over time these companies have grown tremendously in popularity among sports fans and gamblers alike. With most of these sports books focusing on the same sporting activities what factors really set them apart? How do these books ensure they capture the largest market share of gamblers? There are a number of ways to ensure this, namely:

  1. a wider range of sports selection
  2. easy deposits and quick payouts
  3. unique promotions; bonuses and reward plans
  4. a user-friendly interface
  5. experienced customer service
  6. reliable mobile, Windows and Mac platforms

In this article however we will focus on the aspect of quick or fast payouts; which sport book has the quickest payout. This is without a doubt the most appealing feature for any sport book. Where do I get my winnings fastest, would be the question at the back of almost all the gambler’s minds. Therefore, fastest paying sports books would have an outright advantage in the gambling market. The top three sport books with the quickest payouts were proven to be:

  • Bet Stars – paying out between 2 hours and 10 days.
  • Fan Duel – pays out within 24hrs and 7 days.
  • William Hill – their payouts usually are cleared within 24hrs and 28days.

Bet Stars clearly takes the day with its prompt payout policy. The achievement is not to be underestimated considering the magnitude of bettors the company has to cater to. Being a newcomer in the betting industry, launched in 2016, it took a lot of innovation, strategic planning and unique products to attain its current status. The sport book offers poker, e-Sports and well over 20 sports to its gambling clientele besides offering promotions like a welcoming bonus. These services and products help the Bet Stars sport book at the top of the pack.

Now in order to attain the title of quickest paying-out sport book in town, a lot had to be done by the company. The first and probably most important action was the streamlining of the sites systems, not just the payout systems but all of its operating systems. The sports betting partner had to secure their customer deposits, correctly calculate winnings from wagers and promotions, keep track of newly opened account activities and so on. Once all these aspects of the betting site were properly handled the Bet Stars platform was ready to forge ahead.

money with cards on a table

You win big, you lose big; a popular saying among many if not all gamblers. This belief is however backed by statistics and is one among the key reasons for the success and growth of the Bet stars betting site. Some features are only available within the sport book, the spin and bet feature for example allows gamblers to instantly multiply their winning odds by up to 10 times. Now that would make any gambler’s mouth water. Subsequently more sports fans and gamblers are lured by the attractive odds and jackpot features and they end up placing more wagers, and as they occasionally win more, they put up more money in their stakes. The sport book is the true winner in the long run, with these winnings the sports betting partner can thus focus on improving on its service delivery. No wonder the Bet Stars can boast of their fast payouts.

The continued success of the sport book with the quickest payout can also be attributed to their desire of creating a niche of their own in the betting world. I mean who wouldn’t to register with such a betting partner? With all other factors held constant; the customer’s security, the promotions, customer service and the many sporting events to choose from. Holding the title of the sport book with the fastest payouts is a genius marketing strategy. Bet Stars, despite its few years in the game cannot be overlooked or easily challenged as a sport book on the betting scene.